Choosing a Driving School


Driving is an important life skill, but it can be difficult to learn. That’s why many people turn to a driving school, which provides professional instruction from experienced drivers. Some driving schools also offer defensive driving courses that teach strategies to help avoid accidents.초보운전연수

Before choosing a driving school, students should perform some comparison shopping. They should find out how much instruction costs, what type of instruction is provided and what the success rates are. In addition, students should inquire about any testimonials from past clients.

New York State has specific regulations for starting and running a driving school, which can be found on the state’s website. In general, the driving school must be operated as a limited liability company and have full workers’ compensation insurance for instructors. The driving school must post a Certificate of Assumed Name and pay a fee to the county clerk to register the business. The business must publish a notice of formation in two newspapers for six consecutive weeks.

Most driving schools provide classroom and on-road training. They should have a vehicle with dual controls for the instructor and student, as well as a sign that says “STUDENT DRIVER.” The instructors must be licensed by the state and have at least 1,000 hours of behind-the-wheel experience.

Some driving schools are specifically designed for teenagers. In these cases, the classes are small so that each student can get one-on-one instruction. Some 초보운전연수 driving schools also offer adult programs for adults who never learned to drive or need 초보운전연수 to improve their skills.